About the shop & FAQ

Hi ! I’m Paul, I’m a Nimiq enthusiast and I also love videogames. This is why I’ve created this website, to share with you how easy it is to create an online shop and to accept payments with Nimiq !

“There’s not a lot of games here…”

You’re right about that… These games come from my personal collection, and I don’t have many… All games have a stock of 1, and don’t expect them to come back after having been purchased ! Be quick if you spot one you want !

“Will I be able to play these games ?”

You have a PC right ? Then I guess so. Please be careful and read the games descriptions, some of them are not available in some countries ! And if you ask me if your computer is powerful enough to play them, I can’t help you…

“How and when will I get my purchased game ?”

You will get a Steam or Origin key directly by email after your payment is confirmed. The process is automatic thanks to the Nimiq checkout, you don’t have to wait for me getting back home to send you your key ! You should receive it 10 or 20 minutes after your payment.

“What is Nimiq ?”

Nimiq is a simple, fast, secure and censorship resistant cryptocurrency. You don’t need any particular computer knowledge to use it. You just need 30 seconds to create an account. No personal data asked nor sent anywhere, everything is stored in your browser ! You and only you are in control of your money. Please go to nimiq.com to discover more about the project.

“How can I contact you ?”

The easiest way is to contact me on Twitter, here I am.